Welcome to the Charter Group

The Charter Group is a network of independent firms of Chartered Accountants in Ireland established to enhance the quality and diversity of services available to clients.

The Charter Group is a forum for identifying and encouraging best practice in delivering professional services in the areas of Financial Reporting, Audit, Taxation and Financial Management.

Charter Group members are committed to the financial strength and security of clients and recognise the essential personal and technical skills required to meet their diverse needs.

The Group also acts as a forum to enhance members knowledge and to capture group wide expertise for the benefit of individual firms and their clients.

The Charter Group:

  • Comprises independent firms of Chartered Accountants
  • Members commit to the highest professional standards
  • Keeps abreast of professional and technical developments
  • Provides a forum for review of topical issues
  • Is a library of technical knowledge
  • Has a geographical spread across Ireland and network links abroad
  • Comprises Partners and staff with vast experience in different business sectors and environments